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August 19, 2013

Kitchener local represents for Fitness Professional of the Year

By: Heather @ 6:06 pm

Dave Smith: Fitness Professional of the Year! What an honour and what a title! While a week ago only a few knew his name, this past Sunday during the closing ceremonies of Canfitpro, Canada’s largest annual fitness conference for fitness professionals, Smith’s life story and all of his accomplishments were heard and recognized by millions.

What does it take to become the Fitness Professional of the Year? Being one of three finalists for the award, what made Dave Smith stand out among the rest? As with many things in life, what it all boils down to is inspiration! The award acknowledges fitness experts for more than just developing a program that helps their clients shed a few pounds; to be considered for the title, the trainer must show leadership, amazing technical skills and of course, inspire and motive their clients. As well as embracing those three qualities, Smith stood out for another reason. THE INTERNET. Yes, by utilizing something so natural and known to everyone, Smith was able to develop a unique way to keep his clients inspired and ready to go, no matter where they were.

Smith was aware that life is busy, hectic and sometimes getting to a gym is near impossible! Smith made workout videos that could be carried out pretty much anywhere and did not require gym equipment. As well as making them accessible to his clients, he changed them up every few weeks so his clients wouldn’t get bored.

From this invention, Smith began to accumulate a large following of subscribers and connecting directly with most of them through e-mail. Personalization, dedication and a love for fitness is what made this Kitchener local stand out among the rest!

Link to Smith’s video fitness program, Make Your Body Work:

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