Christmas Wishes

Dear Joe,

This note of thanks is certainly overdue. I apologize for not writing earlier however, this past year has been difficult for me as both my mum and husband have been very ill. Thankfully, both are recovering and even with the busyness of this holiday season and caring for precious grandchildren I have found a moment to send you and your wonderful employees my sincere thanks for all your help in making my mum's move in February so easy.

It all began with the inital home visit with Laura. Her competent, friendly manner put both my mum and I at ease from the beginning. Her estimate of time and cost turned out to be so precise as well Laura even arranged for me to pick up recycled boxes without charge - a nice saving!

Picking up the boxes at Westmount Moving's warehouse turned into a real event as my grandson, Tyler was with me.

What a special time Tyler had as John so kindly allowed him to sit in the driver' seat of a "huge" van, gave him a tour of the storage facility and can you imagine, sit on a fork lift and honk the horn, without us being aware that he was managing to disturb you on a conference call nearby. Tyler still talks about this outing!

Then the day of the actual move arrived - without a hitch, thanks to the competency of Ian Henry and his fine team, Robert and Tristan. These men were polite, friendly and thoughtful. They were punctual and put in a very long day. The little extras they did for me were appreciated beyond belief as I was alone to assist my ninety year old mum with her move.

Joe, you have created a wonderful business of which you should be proud. It totally reflects the caring and professional man that you are.

My best wishes to you, you dear family and your employees for a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year filled with lots of reasons to smile.

With Heartfelt Thanks,
Pamela Santini

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